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JA to EN
Subtitling and Translating

Japanese and English bilingual translator providing English subtitle translations
for Japanese videos, movies, lectures, commercials, and more.

About the translator, Kanako Takahashi

JA to EN subtitle translator. Completed Japanese to English and English to Japanese media translation courses at the Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy.
Understands Japanese correctly and is able to translate into natural-sounding English as a bilingual in Japanese and English. Especially skilled in comedy translation as she performs as an amateur rakugo comedy storyteller in her spare time.
Specializes in subtitle translation with over 111 program hours worth of experience in TV dramas, documentary programs, comedy shows, movies, college lectures, promotional videos, commercials and more. Experience in transcribing over 200 English videos. (See experience)・Associate member of ATA(American Translators Association)[ATA Profile page]

Loves Rakugo (traditional "sit-down" story-telling comedy)・Performs as an amateur rakugo storyteller under the name Andantei Wao.
・Experience in managing rakugo performances for professional rakugo performers.
Loves Kimono
・Completed kimono dressing courses at Nihon Wasou and Akita Kimono Culture Promotion Committee.
・Dresses in a kimono on special occasions and ordinary occasions.
Loves Yamagata
・Volunteers at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.
・Belongs to Yamaderans, a group that offers guided tours in English to Yamadera.
・Runs a YouTube channel introducing what Yamagata is about.


Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy
Japanese to English Visualmedia Translation Course
English to Japanese Visualmedia Translation Course
Fellow Academy
English to Japanese Media Translation Master course in documentary
University of Washington
One-year international exchange program
Aoyama Gakuin University
Bachelor of English Literature


JTF Certified Translator (JA to EN / Politics, Economy and World)
EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Pre-1st grade


Transcription (over 200 sources)
Corporate videos, music albums, interviews, comedy shows,
reality shows, award shows, car races, etc.
English to Japanese Subtitle Translation
News programs, entertainment shows, documentary shows,
professional wrestling shows, documentary films, etc.
Subtitle Translation (English subtitles to Japanese)
Hindi movie, Bommarillu (2006),
documentary films, etc.
Japanese to English Subtitle Translation
TV dramas, documentary shows, comedy shows, feature films,
university promotion videos, university seminars, YouTube videos,
business promotional videos, etc.
Trapped Balloon (2022)
Directed by Hiroyuki Miyagawa
RiverRun International Film Festival 2023 Re: Vision Independent Feature Competition
Winner: Best Narrative Feature
Winner: Best Screenplay
Winner: Best Cinematography
Winner: Best Performance in a Feature Film
People Who Talk to Plushies Are Kind (2023)
Directed by Yurina Kaneko
Alien's Daydream (2023)
Directed by Yoshiki Matsumoto
This Magic Moment (2023)
Directed by Lim Kah Wai
Gold (2023)
Directed by Ryo Chita
Japanese to English Voiceover-Script Translation
TV dramas.
Japanese to English Translation
(Speed: 650 Japanese characters/hour)
English language school webpage, tourism association webpage,
tourist pamphlet, art festival pamphlet, film festival pamphlet, etc.

Computer Environment

・Windows 10 Home (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
・CANVASs NET SSTG1(with active dongle )
・SDL Trados Studio 2022
・Subtitle Edit


Feel free to contact me with any inquiries.